Ich habe ein Problem mit der Zündung

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Ich habe ein Problem mit der Zündung

Beitragvon allonmorris » Mo, 10 Jan 2022, 4:58

What you should avoid when choosing a mop for Vinyl plank floors

People usually talk about what you should pay attention to when choosing mops for Vinyl floors, but they don’t discuss what you should avoid. The smallest disadvantage in features can make it hard to bring out the best potential of the mop, some even prevent you from having a comfortable cleaning experience. Let’s see what you should avoid when choosing a mop for Vinyl plank floors in the post below.

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1. A bulky mop

Some people like to have a mop that is big and equipped with multi attachments. They thought it would help the cleaning process go smoother. But the truth is, a bulky mop can slow you down since it may get too heavy and hard to move around. Vinyl plank floors are very easy to clean so you don’t need too many special attachments for the job. A compact mop is much easier to use and store, especially since you tend to use it almost daily. You need something that won’t tire you out when used often like that.


2. A big mop head

It’s true that a big mop head can help you clean faster. But it also comes with the disadvantage of not being easy to fit in tight corners. These hard-to-reach areas are what you don’t want to miss when cleaning Vinyl plank floors because we can’t let dust and dirt accumulate there and then spread out on the already cleaned parts. Choosing a mop that can get in tight corners would be better for your whole cleaning process.

3. Too flexible maneuvering

You can see almost all the best mops for Vinyl floors have the same feature: easy to maneuver. Of course, it’s not a bad thing, but it may become a disadvantage if the mop is too flexible. You need a little steady for your mop so that you can glide it exactly where you want it to be. A too flexible mop is challenging to control, especially for the elderly who may not be able to act quickly.

4. Too lightweight

A mop that is too lightweight can cause the same problem as a too flexible one. It’s true that you won’t feel tired when moving it around, but you have to put in more force if you want to scrub. A too lightweight mop can hardly stand on its own, so the risk of falling is increased which will affect the mop’s life cycle.


5. Warranty time

Companies know how long their products can last and when it’s broken, the warranty time usually also comes to an end so they don’t have to repair things for free too many times. It’s the truth that you may not like to hear, but it’s a cool aspect to find quality products. A company that makes good products always has a long warranty time for their products because they are confident about the product’s durability. So you should avoid a short-term warranty if you want to have a long-lasting Vinyl floor mop.

We hope that these point-outs can help you choose a mop for your Vinyl plank floor more easily. Once you have the perfect tool to take care of your Vinyl plank floor, the maintenance process will be effortless and effective so you can spend time on other activities rather than cleaning all day long.
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Re: Ich habe ein Problem mit der Zündung

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Hast du den Unterbrecher mal ersetzt?
Hast du die Welle, die den Unterbrecher bewegt, mal mit etwas Fett versehen damit der Betätogungshebel des Unterbrechers nicht so schnell verschleißt?
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